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About the HKUDAA
The HKU Dental Alumni Association (HKUDAA) has several important functions, including representation of alumni at official Faculty, University, and community functions and meetings, and coordination of alumni involvement in Faculty and HKU events.
The HKUDAA is a partner of the HKU Faculty of Dentistry’s life-long learning programme. For example, attendance at the HKUDAA Evening Lecture Series is CME accredited and provides a great opportunity to learn from the expertise of our alumni community and to pick their brains in a friendly and supportive environment. Furthermore, HKUDAA members receive generous discounts on the Faculty’s regular continuing education courses.
The HKUDAA plays a supportive role for current Faculty students. For example, the HKUDAA runs an ongoing Mentorship Programme, provides annual HKUDAA Prizes for BDS students and, for each year’s fresh graduates, holds an annual Career Talk, where guests from diverse sectors, including government dentists, private practitioners, junior hospital dental officers, and specialists, are invited to give advice and share their experiences.
The HKUDAA also has an educational function and takes part in Faculty events that promote dental and oral care in Hong Kong.
Please e-mail the HKUDAA at connecthkudaa@gmail.com to find out more about the roles and forthcoming events of the HKUDAA, or about joining the HKUDAA Council.
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Council Members of the Association
Dr Lo Chi Wai, Ada
Class 2013
Vice President
Dr Chan Yat Him, Dave
Class 2014
Honorary Secretary
Dr Chan Ming Ho, Chris
Class 2015
Honorary Treasurer
Dr Lam Pok Man, Jack
Class 2016
Publication Secretary
Dr Chu Sin Po
Class 2017
Social Secretary
Dr Luo Liying, Snow
Class 2018
Immediate Past President
Dr Yeung Yat Cheong, Charles
Class 2006
Dr Ho King Lun, Dominic
Class 2005
Dr Ho Lai-in, Jeni
Class 2008
Dr Wai Tak Shun, Dustin
Class 2008
Dr Tai Tsin Cheung, Meier
Class 2009
Dr Kwan Devin Chun Yue
Class 2019
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The Constitution of the University of Hong Kong Dental Alumni Association is available in the following formats for download
Download in Word formatDownload in PDF format
Name and Address
(a) The name of the association is  "The University of Hong Kong Dental Alumni Association".
(b) The name of the association in Chinese is 香港大學牙科畢業同學會.
The registered address of the association is Faculty Office, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong, Prince Philip Dental Hospital, 6/F, 34 Hospital Road, Hong Kong.
In this constitution, "Association" means the University of Hong Kong Dental Alumni Association.
"Council" means the Council of the Association.
"Dental Graduates" or "Graduates" means the dental graduates from the University of Hong Kong.
"Faculty" means the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong.
"General Meeting" means Annual General Meetings or Extra‑ordinary General Meetings as may be specified.
"Members" means all members of the association unless otherwise specified.
The objects of the Association are as follows:
(a) To promote the interest of the dental graduates.
(b) To promote the professional qualities  of the dental graduates.
(c) To maintain and promote the relationship between the Faculty of Dentistry and the dental graduates.
The association shall consist of full and associate members.
Any person who is a holder of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree of the University of Hong Kong, and only such person, shall be eligible to become a full member.
Associate memberships
(a) All teachers, tutors and instructors of the B.D.S. syllabuses, members of the Faculty Board, dental practitioners  working in the Prince Philip Dental Hospital shall be associate members on payment of the prescribed fees.
(b) Any other person  who shall pay the prescribed fee on application to and subject to approval by the Council shall be an associate member.
Annual subscription
All members of the Association shall pay an annual subscription.  The amount payable shall be such as the Association in General Meetings shall determine from time to time.
Rights and privileges of members
Full members shall be entitled to the following rights and privileges:
(a) to propose or vote for the election of members to the Council;
(b) to stand for election as members of the Council;
(c) to enjoy the full facilities of the Association.
Associate members shall be entitled to all benefits enjoyed by full members except that they shall not be a member of the Council, or propose or second resolutions, or vote at meetings of the Association.
The Council shall consist of the President, the Vice‑President, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, the Publication Secretary, the Social Secretary, the Immediate past President and 5 other Council Members.
The Council session shall begin with the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting and shall terminate with the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting of the following year.
All members of the Council shall be elected at the General Meeting of every term.
(a) Nomination for the Council Members for the next Council Session shall be opened one month before the Annual General Meeting and the nomination shall be closed at 12 noon of the day two weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
(b) Nomination for election shall be only made on forms provided for the purpose.  Each form shall contain the name of one candidate, together with signatures of a proposer and seconder and signature of the candidate signifying his consent.
(c) The name of the candidate shall be announced within 48 hours after the closing of nomination; thereafter the candidate may start his election campaign.
(d) Election shall be by  secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting.
(e) When there is only one candidate for the post, the candidate shall be declared elected only when he has secured a number of votes no less than 10% of the total fully paid-up membership of the Association.
(f)  Where there are two or more than two candidates for one post, electors shall indicate on their ballot papers their order of preference for the candidates.  Papers shall be arranged and counted according to first preferences.  The candidate at the bottom of the Poll on this first count shall be declared to have lost and his votes shall be distributed among the remaining candidate or candidates according to the second preference or preferences indicated on the ballot papers.  This process shall be continued until one candidate is left and he shall be declared elected provided he has secured at the end of the process a number of votes no less than 10% of the total fully paid-up membership of the Association.
(g) In the event of a tie occuring at any stage of the election proceeding for a post, the Council shall order a   re‑election for that particular post within 7 days.
(h) A list of the new office bearers shall be submitted to the Registrar of Societies for information.
General Meetings
The Annual General Meeting shall be held in every calendar year at such time (not being more than 15 months after the holding of the last preceding General Meeting) and place as may be determined by the Council.
Notice of the Annual General Meeting or the Extra‑ordinary General Meeting shall be given to members at least 7 days before the meeting.
Not less than 10% of total fully paid-up members shall form a quorum at the Annual General Meeting or the Extra‑ordinary General Meeting.
Use of funds
Funds of the Association shall be applied solely to meet its recurrent expenditure and for the enterprises stipulated in the item 4 'Object' of this constitution and shall not be used for any other purposes.
Amendment of the Constitution
The Constitution of the Association shall only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra‑ordinary General Meeting.
All amendments to the Constitution of the Association shall be subject to the approval of the Registrar of Societies.
Debts and Liabilities
Any debts of the Association shall be borne by all the Council Members of the term in which the debts are incurred.
The Association shall be dissolved at a General Meeting of the Association held for that particular purpose.  A resolution to that effect shall be passed by at least three‑ quarters of the full members of the Association who are present.
Any surplus fund at the date of dissolution shall be given to local charities as authorized at the General Meeting approving the said dissolution.